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Our goal at ARTIVITY is to help entrepreneurs turn their ideas and visions into successful companies. For 12 Years we helped great ideas turn into profitable businesses that make an impact in their industry and beyond. We invest in our companies for the long haul and understand that success takes hard work, dedication and sheer perseverance. We give our partners personal guidance from the very first stages and provide them with all the resources and expert advice they need to turn their visions into disruptive reality.

Company Registration in UAE

Business Setup in Free Zones

Mainland Business Setup

LLC Company Formation

PRO services 

1. Prepare Documentation

We help you to make the right decisions for your business type and handle all of the complex paperwork.

2. Business Licence

We advise the best activity/license and place matching your needs.
Giving  you an in-depth understanding of the dos and don’ts around setting up your business licence will help you to avoid the some common traps 

3. Visa Process and Bank Account opening

Getting visas and setting up a corporate bank account in the UAE can be a little arduous, being official agents to multiple authorities we guarantee a hassle free environment and business set up in almost no time .

Set up your business,
The Right Way !
We will 
assist you with:

Can you start a business on your own?

You can. But there are few things You need to know.

There is a multitude of options

It is precarious for overseas entrepreneurs 

There is a mountain

 of paperwork

What kind of Business Setup should You Choose as a Freelancer or Entrepreneur? 
Jurisdiction? Free zone or mainland?
We’ll guide you through the most suitable options and advantages and disadvantages of each option; Sometimes it better to choose a specialised free zone because of their credibility and experience in the field.


For new Investors, It might be difficult to navigate in legal framework. With 12 years + experience in UAE, We keep analyzing the market and competition to provide you in a nutshell with the best most & cost effective option, Often we see how many service providers have either hidden fees they don’t tell you about or downfalls, like getting an activity that doesn’t match your business, and you won't be able to open a bank account, which can affect your journey.
Hiring us is the best  investment in the success of your project.

Time is the essence in business, we help you save your time with a hassle free business setup process, with our one stop shop business set up environment, you don’t have to run to different authorities to get your business license, leasing, immigration or visiting different authorities for signatures multiple times, being official agents to multiple authorities we guarantee a hassle free environment and business set up in almost no time.